Share in the journey.

Òran Mór – Wholistic Center

Today’s world is fractured by division and increasing in polarity spawned often by religious and political rhetoric fueled by religious differences. More than a quarter of Americans now say they are “spiritual but not religious” and do not attend church. In 2019, Saint Paul UMC  adopted a goal to create a spirit center to welcome the “spiritual but not religious.” The vision was to create an inter-spirituality community to mend divisions and include those who have left, or have been shunned by organized religion. Òran Mór was born.

The Center creates space for individuals to share in practices which encourage deep spiritual experiences and opportunities for connection to other pilgrims on different paths. It is a place to ‘find ancient faith practices of healing body, mind and spirit.

The classes and gatherings will be held primarily on the Upper Level of Saint Paul Church. The doors on the west side of Saint Paul, 11th Street stairs, will serve as an entrance marked with Òran Mór signs.

The name comes from an ancient Celtic creation myth, “A great spiraling strain of Melody moved across the endless waters quickly gathering momentum until it reached a great crescendo. It continued its song, filling all of Creation with its divine harmony…the Oran Mór. ‘The Great Melody’ did not cease with the initial creation, but goes on and on and on, inspiring Creation along its holy pilgrimage of giving and receiving blessing. Deep within each of us lies a yearning for our lost (w)holiness. Thus, we discover our co-creative role within divinity, and with it the holiness of Creation.”

The logo is a spiral inspired from ancient ruins at Newgrange in Ireland. The Spiral is a sacred symbol that represents the journey and change of life as it unfolds.

We hope the Òran Mór Wholistic Center shares our sacred space at Saint Paul with the greater Lincoln community as a network of spiritual seekers and practitioners gather here to learn and grow.

Meditation groups, classes, arts and a variety of opportunities will be offered for community building and personal growth.